NANOG topics so far

Susan R. Harris srh at
Wed Sep 17 16:57:27 UTC 1997

Greetings - here are presentations we've lined up so far for the Oct. 
27-28 NANOG:

  -  Update from the IPPM Working Group - Vern Paxson, Lawrence Berkely

  -  Routing Analysis and Tools from the Internet Performance Measurement and
	Analysis Project (IPMA) - Rob Malan, University of Michigan

  -  Plans for the Internet Routing Registry Transition to Routing
	Policy Specification Language - Cengiz Alaettinoglu, ISI

  -  Update from IOPS.ORG - Speaker TBA

  -  Freely Available Statistics Reporting Agents:  A Practical Review - Stan
	Barber, Academ Consulting Services

  -  Internet Routing Registry Cleanup Efforts - Curtis Villamizer

What other topics would you like to hear about?
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