Traffic Engineering [was Chanukah [was Re: Hezbollah]]

Stan Barber sob at
Wed Sep 17 15:26:37 UTC 1997

>      Doing traffic engineering right is hard.  The telcos have it down pat 
>      for their voice networks, and telco-based ISPs often have applied 
>      this design expertise to their ISP network.  Having a person do 
>      traffic engineering can save the ISP big bucks.

I agree that traffic engieering is important and doing it well is hard.
However, I can point to many cases that demonstrate that the telco folks
don't have traffic engineering down pat for their voice networks. The great
majority of the cases show up in two areas: InterCO trunking and 
Inter-provider (telco-to-telco trunking). Of course, it just may be the 
telcos I deal with here in Texas. I can't speak of direct experiences with 
everyone in the country.

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