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Mark Kayser mkayser at
Wed Sep 17 00:30:36 UTC 1997

 As an "MCI" person here is the number to the INOC. :)


This has been the NOC's number for the past 2+ years.
The 800 number if you are interested is 800-977-4662 but to report a problem
you should try our ISP group first so that a ticket can be opened to track
the issue.  Here are the numbers:

281-276-4231 or 800-663-9932

These numbers did just change as this group just moved to Texas.  This may
have been who you were informed to contact before.  Sorry for the confusion.
These should be the correct numbers.

Hope this helps.

--Mark Kayser
MCI Technical Support

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Date: Monday, September 15, 1997 8:31 PM
Subject: Re: need contact info

>>> Since NANOG seems to have turned into directory assistance, does anyone
>>> know the preferred, listed, international phone number for the MCI NOC,
>>> not a 1-800, or 1-888 number.  Hopefully a number that will be in
>>> longer than three months.  All the non-1800 phone numbers our MCI sales
>>> person locate seem to be DID numbers to individual's voice mail or stop
>>> working when the person leaves MCI.
>Cool, so far four non-MCI people have sent me phone numbers for
>MCI.  The interesting thing is they each sent me a different phone
> 703-715-7056
> 703-715-7292
> 919-677-5351
> 919-677-5566
>Anyone else care to play?
>Sean Donelan, Data Research Associates, Inc, St. Louis, MO
>  Affiliation given for identification not representation

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