Am I the bonehead or is it SprintLink?

Michael Dillon michael at
Tue Sep 16 21:17:04 UTC 1997

>It may be a little more complicated than you think.  My first question is
>whether you are currently paying for M24 functionality on the T1. M24 allows
>the carrier to break the T1 signal down to 24 DS0 signals.

I've never heard that terminology before. There are M12 muxes and M13 muxes
that mux DS1's into DS2's or DS3's, 4 and 28 respectively. But I've never
heard of an M01; those are usually called channel banks. The term M24
doesn't fit the pattern of the other names.

Nevertheless, you are right that if the T1 doesn't terminate in a facility
where it can be easily moved to a mux that would explain why they want to
install a new circuit. They don't care if half of your local loop is unused
because you pay full T1 rates for that anyway. But beyond the local loop
they will probably want to aggregate your 256K circuit with their other
fractional T1s.

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