Physical transport media

Scott Landman Scott_Landman at
Tue Sep 16 18:59:36 UTC 1997

I would suggest using a material that isn't write once/read many in order
to save having to dispose of all those BBs.  How about plastic balls that
could be recycled for use by simply melting them down and reforming them.

Also, how do you suggest keeping the balls properly aligned so that the
laser can read them?  In a liquid, the BBs will rotate on all axis due to
turbulence.  How about grooves so the BBs will ride on rails?

>Also, larger bandwidth facilities may be represented by volleyballs,
>basketballs and in the near future, cageballs.  :)
I'm looking for venture capital for a new laser based technology called
This stands for Liquid Transport Medium and it consists of lasers which
holographically engrave datagrams on steel spheres the size of BB's which
are then injected into the transport pipes in conjunction with a clear
lubricant that serves as the liquid transport medium to carry the datagram
spheres to their destination where the datagram is read from the spheres by
another laser. The sphere may then be routed down another transport pipe,
or, if it has reached its final destination then it is shunted off to a
government data archive center  in order to meet the new data access
requirements that are before Congress.

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