Am I the bonehead or is it SprintLink?

Ehud Gavron GAVRON at ACES.COM
Tue Sep 16 16:11:52 UTC 1997

>We currently have SprintLink T-1 service.   We have very low utilization on
>that link, and so save money we requested to be downgraded to 256K.

	Downgrading?  There's no such thing.  Upgrading service is
	common and installation charges are often waived.  Downgrading
	means you requested a new install of a 256K circuit.  Now
	you could try and specify that they use the same span, but
	your salesperson is unlikely to want to do that -- because	
	it cause MORE paperwork for them for a lesser return.


>Now it is my understanding that this should be very, very simple.  Sprint
>just configures their CSU/DSU to not use timeslots 5 - 24.  This, of course
>would bring the link down until we configured our CSU/DSU to not use
>timeslots 5 - 24.  Ta ta!  256K.  Right?

>Well, BellSouth just showed up to install our "new" T-1 to SprintLink.  Huh?
>I told them to go away until I had more information.

>Is SprintLink being a bonehead or am I just totally clueless?


>Eric Wieling (eric at, Corporate Communications Technology
>Sales: 504-585-7303 (sales at, Support: 504-525-5449 (support at

>A BellSouth Communications Specialist.  No, I don't work for BellSouth, I'm
>just on the phone with them so much that I'm an expert at getting them to do

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