ATM (was Re: too many routes)

Rob Barron rbarron at
Mon Sep 15 21:21:07 UTC 1997

Mark Kent wrote:
> Rob Barron <rbarron at> wrote:
> >> A good way to visualize this is to imagine a long pipe with an
> >> inside diameter just large enough to hold a ping pong ball
> Those of you who want the Internet described in terms of elementary
> particles might also be interested in a bit of detail left off
> by Rob Barron:
>   A ping pong ball is 37.2mm to 38.2mm in diameter and
>   weighs 2.40 to 2.53 grams.
> So a 40mm inside diameter seems to be called for.

It's also very important to use high-quality balls.  This leads to lower
BER (Ball Error Rates)  

Also, larger bandwidth facilities may be represented by volleyballs,
basketballs and in the near future, cageballs.  :)


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