Dorian R. Kim dorian at blackrose.org
Sun Sep 14 21:03:19 UTC 1997

On Sun, 14 Sep 1997, Peter Kline wrote:

> now, do it).  Building out a national network on a bizarrely short
> timeline, with no idea of what traffic flows would look like, I found ATM a
> great way to get things started.  If my initial estimates were wrong (and

> So given the pants-on-fire growth in this business, and the disjoint ways

While this has been pretty much the MO of most folks in how network is
built, but this doesn't have to remaint that way. One of the
things that needs to be engineered into building and maintaining
national/international backbones is traffic accounting to an arbitrary
granularity that paves the way for better traffic engineering and
bandwidth projections. There are already ample tools to to per-prefix
matrix of traffic right now. Tying this in with good sales projections
will alleviate much of the last minute fire fighting.

This will most likely never be 100% accurate and precise, but there is
no reason why we can't get a better handle on bandwidth forecasts. (say to
95% percentile) 

Furthermore, with the deployment of WDM and Internet core devices moving
closer to the transmission gear, if you have access to fiber, getting more
bandwidth may become as straightforward as using an additional wavelength
on the ADM that your router's plugged into.


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