House panel votes behind closed doors to build in Big Brother

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Fri Sep 12 18:00:07 UTC 1997

[ On Fri, September 12, 1997 at 11:08:11 (-0400), Declan McCullagh wrote: ]
> Subject: House panel votes behind closed doors to build in Big Brother
> The new SAFE bill -- titled in a wonderfully Orwellian manner the
> "Security and Freedom through Encryption" act even though it provides
> neither -- includes these provisions:

This is a joke right?  Shouldn't that date up there be "April 1"?

Please somone tell me I'm dreaming all of this.

If this is true and I were in the USA right now I'd run to the nearest
border and get out while I still could.

OB-nanog: If I were a network providor or in any way involved in the
computer industry in the USA I would immediately move all operations

You don't wait for this kind of dictatorial legislation to be voted on
-- you vote with your feet before you're in a ball and chain.

What an insane bunch of lunatic, power mongering, hate filled, paranoid
creeps they've got trying to run things down there the Land of the Free
and the Home of the Brave.

The ending of the Cold War has unleashed a monster that may never be
caged again if this kind of legislation is passed into law.

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