too many routes

Alex.Bligh amb at
Fri Sep 12 09:51:30 UTC 1997

> What was even more interesting was number of routes accounted
> for by >/24's in 192-210 space and >/16's in 128-191 space was
> more than any of the CIDRizing suggestions in Tony Bates weekly
> CIDR report.  Some people seem to view CIDR as an opportunity to
> subdivide their traditional 'Class B' networks.  I would classify
> most of these announcements as 'mistakes' because they usually also
> announce the supernet, and have the same path.

As for >/24s, that's coz Tony gets the reports from one of
our routers, and we bozo filter out longer than /24 and
RFC1918 space.

Alex Bligh
Xara Networks

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