spam and CIDR blocks

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Fri Sep 12 03:04:52 UTC 1997

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Jared Mauch wrote:

> > Are there still spammers that don't use "innocent" relays to spread their
> > junk?  As long as there are reachable relaying servers somewhere on the
> > net, the spammers have nothing to worry about.

Cyberpromo must work both ways then.  I've gotten spams recently that
originated at cyberpromo but were relayed through any number of unrelated
sites across the world.

> > How many spam houses have their own CIDR blocks?  Not having looked, I'd
> > guess few if any.  
> 	Not many.. only the big ones.  If you're going to get into denying

Do any really?  I'd be amazed if cyberpromo could justify enough IP's to
get a globally routable CIDR block.  As was already mentioned, having
large blocks of IP's that are nearly unusable because they are in so many
blacklists should obviously not be a valid "use" of IP space, and should
not be justification for getting more space.

> 	The problem is that any sort of blacklist maintained by more than
> one person in their spare time gets into very sticky legal issues, and should

Depends on how you maintain, distribute, and talk about it.

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