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Richard Irving rirving at
Fri Sep 12 02:01:08 UTC 1997

Dorian R. Kim wrote:
> On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Richard Irving wrote:
> >   Oh, 2 things come to mind, my variability throughout an ATM cloud is
> > greatly reduced versus a routing cloud, a cell requires WAY less time to
> > cross a switches backplane, versus a  packet through a router. And
> > seriuosly less time to determine where to send it...
> Hmm... I thought we went over this fallacy not that long ago on NANOG.
> Please look up the past NANOG thread with subject _Internet Backbone
> Index_.
> -dorian

  Dorian, I could be wrong about a LOT of things. However, your thread
in the NANOG is about
network switching vs network routing, not ATM switching. This is Apples
to Oranges.

   Network Switching: Using MAC address to determine next hop.
   Network Routing: Using layer three address to determine next hop.
   ATM Switching: A path set up once, by one or more of the above (or
                  to deliver cells across a multi hop, or point, path.

   Although comparisons can be made between "Network Switching and
Switching", they are not the
same thing. (Although some elements are in common) One is a methodology
to determine a path. The other is a method of delivering a requested
path. Never forget, A full NxN-point Matrix (non-folded) is almost
always faster than a BUS.
   Although, many would call a Matrix a BUS ;) 


   It reminds of a local Newspaper that was so kind as to point out that
is Infinitely Inferior to HDTV. And they had the GUTS to declare that
Multicast would not make it because of this. Can someone point me to the
multi-user conferencing specs for HDTV ?
And what API set do I use to access it ?   ;)

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