spam and CIDR blocks

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Fri Sep 12 01:08:29 UTC 1997

On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Jeremiah Kristal wrote:

> because of lack of response by the spam sites.  What is going to happen
> when the spammers find that they are unable to reach 30% of their mailing
> list because of null0 routes?  The spam sites just renumber into another

Are there still spammers that don't use "innocent" relays to spread their
junk?  As long as there are reachable relaying servers somewhere on the
net, the spammers have nothing to worry about.

> network.  Eventually the spam sites, or their upstream provider, will have
> to request more addresses from Arin, and this is where we might be able to
> gain another tool to fight spam.

How many spam houses have their own CIDR blocks?  Not having looked, I'd
guess few if any.  

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