new CAIDA tool: Mapnet (warning: of possible operational utility)

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Fri Sep 12 00:23:36 UTC 1997

what: new tool from CAIDA group

why: (original motviation)

visualization of Internet traffic and topologies is
an important next step in the global evolution of the
net.  as a result, the cooperative association of
internet data analysis (caida) is working on a new
tool -- mapnet

mapnet will permit visualization of the infrastructure
of multiple backbone providers simultaneously. it
also allows individual isps to update and correct
information about their infrastructure, either via a 
GUI or ascii mail in template form.  (see mapnet
update at
the current prototype version relies on third party
data (boardwatch, with some updates and clarifications) 
each of the commercial backbones and government provided 
data about federally funded r&e and mission-oriented 
backbones. caida staff have translated topology 
information provided in the last boardwatch release into 
lat/long specific nodes on a global map.  the data are 
useful in a general sense, any data from a 3rd party
obviously requires authentication. we recognize that
much backbone-specific info is outdated or wrong and 
invite each provider to designate an authorized individual 
to periodically update their topology data. note that we 
include link, ISP, bandwidth, lat/long of cities, and 
peering information if available, as well as contact folk
for the network in question.

the availability of a tool like mapnet will assist with
macro-level understanding of the internet, with          
standardizing public depiction of isps' infrastructure,
and with communicating complicated peering information.
(for those isp's willing to share in such an endeavor)

we would appreciate any feedback: comments, 
constructive criticism, suggestions.  
please contact me or send email to 
brad huffaker (lead developer, mapnet) at
mapnet at                                                    


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kc at

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