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Ran Atkinson rja at
Thu Sep 11 23:04:48 UTC 1997

On Sep 11 15:54, Randy Bush wrote:
} Subject: Re: not rewriting next-hop, pointing default, ...
> LSR is actually a significant security issue.  So, while I do
> understand and am sympathetic to the operational debugging
> issues that LSR addresses, I think that requiring a peer to
> enable LSR more than 2 hops inside their network from the
> outside world is unreasonable.

% So, you're comfortable with asking for LSR at the IX and a hop behind?

"Comfortable" isn't the word I'd choose.  Ideally, I'd filter
out LSR entirely [1], but there are real operational issues.

Letting LSR in two hops lets outsiders trying to debug (e.g. some
routing problem) at least perform first-level fault-isolation
so they know whose NOC to call for further debugging assistance.
So I view the 2-hop notion as an attempt at "reasonable compromise".

> In a world where SSH were available in cisco routers and/or
> IPsec were more widely deployed, I might have different views.

% K5 does not give you sufficient warm fuzzies?

No, I'm afraid that Kerberos 5 doesn't give me sufficient warm
fuzzies.  I don't care to be very detailed on a public list
such as NANOG.  I will note that aside from my non-public
concerns, Kerberos-5 is expensive to deploy and maintain.
Kerberos can also adversely impact network availability if
it isn't installed in exactly the right way (surprisingly few
folks seem to do it right).

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