not rewriting next-hop, pointing default, ...

Scott Huddle huddle at
Thu Sep 11 20:43:59 UTC 1997

This is yet another problem/opportunity, in that providers want/need
to implement policies (such as no default, or only accept traffic
from the following ASs, or only accept traffic for the following ASs,
or consistent announcement) that are are difficult to enforce and/or 
automatically measure/detect with today's technology.  

Router/switch vendors and potential interconnect providers take note!

Randy Bush <randy at> wrote
> a senior engineer at a well-known provider just pointed out to us that
> a weenie provider at mae-east was
>   o not rewriting next-hop
>   o sending our routes to others
>   o sending others' routes to us
>   o likely pointing default at us
> their noc phone was answered by a modem.  we suspended peering with them and
> wrote to their noc.  we got back a snotty message.  we have ceased peering
> with them.
> we installed packet filters.  our traffic on the east fddi dropped
> noticeably.
> when the larger providers decline to peer with the smaller, there is a sad
> reason.  traceroute -g is your friend.
> randy

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