Flamed for off topic...

Michael Dillon michael at priori.net
Thu Sep 11 17:05:52 UTC 1997

At 6:34 AM -0400 9/11/97, Sean M. Doran wrote:
>"Neil J. McRae" <neil at domino.org> writes:
>> What list is that then Michael?
>Shhh, Neil, you know it's not nice to undermine people's
>carefully crafted veneers of omniscience.

Tsk tsk Sean. If you start teaching people that carefully crafted veneers
of omniscience exist they might start seeing them everywhere they look! ;-)

Here's a fragment from a message Paul Ferguson posted back in late July:

   >[2] Is there an equivalent to NANOG for Europe and Asia and is there
   >an equivalent list which discusses operational issues for these
   >    continents? Pointers appreciated.

   Yes, for Europe there's the RIPE-discuss list (for which I don't have
   an immediate reference) and for Asia, there's the apops list:

     Asia Pacific Ops <apops at apnic.net>

Alas, I too do not have an immediate refernce although I have seen this
list referenced before as the European analog of the NANOG list. Perhaps
one of you omniscient Europeans could set us straight as to whether such a
list does exist and if not, why not. After all, some of us North Americans
might be interested in poking our noses into your side of the pond once in
a while...

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