Network Diagramming Software

Jim DeSorbo road2u at
Thu Sep 11 14:47:02 UTC 1997

I am just getting into this conversation. I apologize for any
misinformation.  If you are seeking an excellent Network Diagraming
and design tool, I work for a company called NetSuite Development L.P..

We have created a fantastic Intelligent Network Design tool which
allows you to design and maitain all Network Diagram Inventories, a
series of softprobes, etc.. 
Check it out at

 There are many new and exciting features coming in our next version. 

 If anyone would like a review or demo. let me know & I will see to it
that you received it ASAP.... 

 Jim D.

---Dave Curado <davec at> wrote:
> I don't think it does everything you want,
> but a package called NetViz seems to be made
> for network diagramming -- produces html and
> imagemaps and interesting stuff like that.
> I picked up this blurb at:

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