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Nathan Stratton nathan at
Wed Sep 10 15:15:47 UTC 1997

On Wed, 10 Sep 1997, Joseph T. Klein wrote:

> Having hopelessly screwed up my facts ... I was trying to make a point here.
> So the router was worse than I thought. Retaing policies that exclude
> new players because of AGS+'s inability to handle large routing flaps
> just does not cut it.
> Sprint imposed this at a time when 7000s with 64M of memory where available.
> Will /19 remain policy when the majors are running with Cisco 12000 and GRFs?
Lots of stuff cut out. 
> BTW - If you use a route server to do the dampening and calculation of peer
> routes you can even make a wimpy CPUed 7000 handle backbone traffic.

This is what I beleave sprint is doing. They are using the new Cisco 12000
GSR with external router servers. It is a smart way of patching the
problem. If you need more CPU or memory you can just add a bigger box and
more RAM. 

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