too many routes

Sanjay Dani sanjay at
Wed Sep 10 18:17:19 UTC 1997

>>Please people, we must stop abstructions to keep the market open and
>Can you spell "economies of scale"?  Or "using fiber at cost means
>owning the fiber"?   If you want to play the backbone game you've
>got to own long-haul transmission facilities.
>A small backbone provider simply cannot be competitive; no more than
>neighbour garage can compete with Chrysler.

There are backbone providers and there are providers of specialized
ISP or hosting or security etc. services that need independent* IP
address space and do not have to waste resources on building a private

I had thought predicting consolidation in the Internet services
market was an exclusive realm of only the clueless "market research"
firms. Even they seem to be wisening up.

*So they can avoid the slowest "backbone" of the month on
an on-going basis.

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