John G. Scudder jgs at
Wed Sep 10 15:44:31 UTC 1997

Neil J. McRae writes:
> OK Change this to:
> export proto bgp as 3831 {
> 	proto bgp aspath .* origin any { all; };
> 	proto bgp aspath 3831 origin any restrict;
> 	proto bgp aspath 701 origin any restrict;
> 	proto bgp aspath 6302 origin any restrict;
> 	proto bgp aspath 4259 * origin any restrict;
> 	proto bgp aspath 3817 * origin any restrict;
> }
> I think this is correct, but if it isn't working I'd
> move the the top clause to the bottom and put the others above [order is
> important, but the order isn't _yet_ documented] 

They're matched sequentially, so the ".*" filter should be moved
to the bottom, otherwise all the "restrict" filters will have no

> You should have a look
> at filter declations such as this below:
> define filter "AS-3831" 
> {
...[make sure the ".*" is the last one]...
> };
> Then do:
> export proto bgp as 6453 "AS-3831";
> Note that I've not tried doing the above, but it should work, it means
> you can %include filters and makes your gated.conf files much easier to
> read.

If you use the named filter multiple times, it also reduces the
size of the running image somewhat and reduces parse time at startup
and reconfig (vis-a-vis using %include in several places or just
writing out the filter multiple times).

(This really should be on the gated-people or ascend-grf mailing
list, oh well.)



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