too many routes

Phillip Vandry vandry at Mlink.NET
Tue Sep 9 21:02:19 UTC 1997

> The problem is that although you know your goals and you also know that you
> WILL reach your goals, there are other companies out there with wildly
> inflated goals that will never even come close to reaching them. The
> registry folks have to cut through the bullshit and try to avoid delegating
> space to companies who don't really need the space and will never use it.

One thing the registries do to help avoid that problem is allocate half a
block (say, half an /18) and reserve the rest. If the rest is not claimed
later, it is reassigned.

Maybe that should be even more the standard practice. There is nothing to
lose in allocating in the order .0, .128, .64, .192, .32, .96, .160,
.224 instead of .0, .32, .64, .96, .128, .160, .192, .224.


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