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Tue Sep 9 20:39:29 UTC 1997

On Tue, 9 Sep 1997, Eric Germann wrote:

> At 10:05 AM 9/9/97 -0700, Michael Dillon wrote:
> >
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> >Everyone in the food chain has to operate
> >under the same policies of justifying IP space based on need and using the
> >space efficiently. 
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> Except PSI, UUnet, MCI, Sprint,
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What makes you say that?  They have tons of customers who have to have IP
space that usually goes from /24 to a /27, and the InterNIC doesn't
usually honor reqests for blocks of those sizes.  So, they go to their
upstream.  If their upstream is UUNet, MCI, Sprint, etc, then they have to
be able to assign them IP space.  PSI, UUNet, MCI, Sprint have to play
fair just like everyone else.  If they don't have the use for the space,
they certainly aren't going to get it.  And I'd thing the aggressive SWIP
policy the NIC has now would keep them from just hoarding address space
for no reason.

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