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Michael Dillon michael at
Tue Sep 9 18:54:15 UTC 1997

>We are at a point that we can pretty much nearly fill a /19 and will be
>past that point by the end of the year.  Beyond that, I would think that
>when we need to keep coming back for address space, we would do it in
>increments of /19.

The problem is that although you know your goals and you also know that you
WILL reach your goals, there are other companies out there with wildly
inflated goals that will never even come close to reaching them. The
registry folks have to cut through the bullshit and try to avoid delegating
space to companies who don't really need the space and will never use it.

>I'm wondering if the policies are not being counter productive due to the
>apparently opposing nature of IP space vs route space (e.g. the one where
>people have to take more IP space to be routed, because of route filters,
>because of too many routes, because IP space is so fragmented, because IP
>space needs to be conserved, because everyone needs to get more IP space,
>becayse of route filtering, because of so many routes, because ...).

You are quite right, it's a tricky balancing act. And many of us do believe
that the right balance has not been struck yet and that allocation policies
need to be modified a bit to accomodate the current realities.

>I was given some other mailing lists for dealing with those issues by someone.
>I'll be subscribing there.

Hopefully the NAIPR list was one of them because that is where the new
policies will likely be hashed out. Send a subscribe message to
naipr-request at and before posting anything, review the background
material at including the list archives. At ISPCON 3
weeks ago, Kim Hubbard announced that 50 organizations had already applied
for ARIN membership.

>Or is this listed on a web page?  If not, I'll offer to host just such a
>web page if I can get a pretty much complete list (I'll even write HTML to
>get it going).  But I'm sure most everyone here has some access to some
>web space somewhere.

I think that the ISP info pages hosted at already has
a pretty good collection of pointers to mailing lists.

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