Jay R. Ashworth jra at scfn.thpl.lib.fl.us
Mon Sep 8 23:47:55 UTC 1997

On Mon, Sep 08, 1997 at 06:14:03PM -0400, Alan Hannan wrote:
> > Couldn't help noting that UUnet will run modems and routers
> > for AOL+Compuserve and it continues to do so for their biggest
> > competitor MSN (at least the last time I checked). Antitrust?
>   I can't help but respond to this ridiculous suggestion.
>   Please look up the definition of Antitrust before you go
>   rumor-mongering without facts.
>   The principle of antitrust is controlling a large enough segment
>   of the market to minimize competition.  Approaching a monopoly.
>   AOL+Compuserve will continue to use multiple vendors for their
>   customers' access.  Microsoft is free to choose anyone they want.

I'm free to choose any operating system for my desktop computer that I
want, also.

(Anyone who doesn't get it; look it up when you get home.)

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