uunet + ans == ??

Sanjay Dani sanjay at professionals.com
Mon Sep 8 18:45:47 UTC 1997

>Net Effects: H&R Block is rid of CompuServe.  AOL owns CompuServe's
>subscribers and is out of the business of deploying modems and routers.
>WorldCom owns the networks built by AOL and CompuServe and sells network
>services to AOL.  The big get bigger.

Couldn't help noting that UUnet will run modems and routers
for AOL+Compuserve and it continues to do so for their biggest
competitor MSN (at least the last time I checked). Antitrust?

As a Web services provider we are already seeing AS701 as the
biggest consumer of our customer contents. Anyone care to share
their view of how the big boys rank in terms of traffic? IMHO
this does have just a tad bit more relevance to operations that
the original thread :-)


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