how to _really_ stop spam

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Sun Sep 7 01:02:06 UTC 1997

On Sep 6, Barb Dijker <barb at> wrote: 

> -Validate new users through an anti-spam bureau

	Good idea -- though, as you point out, it gets into sticky
	privacy issues as well as a number of other things.

	I've seen ideas very similar to this one proposed a number
	of times, but the conversation usually ends when everybody
	realizes that it's out of their realm of expertiese.  If
	you really want to make this happen, contact companies that
	do similar things for other industries -- for example, the
	cellular phone industry, satellite TV, that kind of thing.

	If somebody actually starts this ball rolling, I'm sure a
	lot of dial-up type ISP's will join in.

	And, use another mailing list to discuss it, 'cause it's
	not within the charter of NANOG.  *grin*

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