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Jon Lewis jlewis at
Sat Sep 6 19:14:58 UTC 1997

On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Network Administrator wrote:

> The following network numbers were pulled from a program called "smurf".

As I feared would happen, there seem to be multiple versions of smurf out
with different amplifier network lists.  FDT was smurfed for about an hour
last night, and of the list of broadcast addresses posted very few were used
in last night's attack...and a large number of the nets used were not in the
posted list.

Some of the more heavily populated (and thus nastier) amplification nets
used last night follow.

If you're on this list, PLEASE FIX YOUR ROUTERS.  If you're using Cisco's,
its probably as simple as adding "no ip directed-broadcast" to the
ethernet interfaces on your routers.

Also, what's the deal with Internic allowing registrations with things
like nomailbox at NOWHERE?  That's an incredibly useful contact.  If Kent
Percival is in charge of a university's network, surely he has an email
address.  Maybe it's time for a smurf amplifier blackhole list.  If you're
used as a smurf amplifier, you get BGP blackholed for say 6 hours, and on
each subsequent occurance, the time doubles.  I bet that would fix the
problem real fast. 

[85 hosts responding]
   8400 Baltimore Boulevard
   College Park, MD  20740

   Netname: MAE-EAST

      SURAnet  (SURA-NOC)  noc at   hostmaster at
      (301) 982-3214

[24 hosts responding]
   150 Chestnut Street
   San Francisco, CA 94111

   Netname: NETBLK-CNET
   Netblock: -
   Maintainer: RGN

      Emery, Ken  (KE53)  ken at CNET.COM
      (415) 395-7805 x569

[32 hosts responding]
Internet Communications of America (NETBLK-UU-208-202-14)
   1020 N.W. 163rd Drive
   Miami, FL 33169

   Netname: UU-208-202-14
   Netblock: -

      Neptune, Mark  (MN182)  postmaster at ICANET.NET

[21 hosts responding]
LI Net Inc. (NET-LI-NET)
   45 Manor Rd.
   Smithtown, NY 11787

   Netname: LI-NET
   Maintainer: LI

      Reilly, Michael  (MR113)  mpr at LI.NET
   Alternate Contact:
      Harris, Jon  (JH201)  jon at LI.NET

[29 hosts responding]
University of Guelph (NET-UOGUELPH)
   Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2W1

   Netname: UOGUELPH

      Percival, Kent  (KP50)  nomailbox at NOWHERE
      +1 (519) 824-4120 ext. 6397

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