Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP Switch?

Gary E. Miller gem at
Fri Sep 5 18:43:10 UTC 1997

Yo Neil!

On Fri, 5 Sep 1997, Neil J. McRae wrote:

> I have been using gated for years now, on sparcs, PC's, BSD/OS, NetBSD, 
> Xylan Omniswitch, Ascend-GRF, Morningstar routers and I've never had gdc
> reconfig cause any disruption other than when the operator misconfigured 
> something. This is the same for any router when you reconfigure things
> changes happen.

I have been using gated in production on Linux hosts.  When I do a
"gdc reconfig" then gated clears out the kernel routing table, then
refills it.  Even on my small OSPF routing tables there is a noticeable,
but short, downtime.  I have never seen it last long enough to drop
a connection.  Unless of course I made a mistake which I never do. :-)

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