Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP Switch?

Chris MacFarlane cjm at
Fri Sep 5 17:08:32 UTC 1997

We have seen the GRF gated process stop while doing a gdcreconfig with great regularity.  Of course this is not what is the desired result but it is what we see. Ascend has a ticket open and are working on the fix.  The lastest we have is try 1.3.8 (we are running 1.3.7) and as usual Ascend has no release note reffering to a fix in 1.3.8 but want us to run the latest code to make lab life some what easier.



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> I seem to have made a mistake in terms here.  gdcreconfig doesn't
> *restart* gated, but it does/did disrupt it when ran before.

I have been using gated for years now, on sparcs, PC's, BSD/OS, NetBSD, 
Xylan Omniswitch, Ascend-GRF, Morningstar routers and I've never had gdc
reconfig cause any disruption other than when the operator misconfigured 
something. This is the same for any router when you reconfigure things
changes happen.

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