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>> Have a look at <URL: http://www.config.com/apology/public/spam/> first.
>I think we should bring back castration/mastectomy as a means of punishment
>for those who spam.

Works for me!

In Islamic countries, I believe that the standard punishment for stealing
is to have your hands cut off.  This is both a punishment _and_ a way of
preventing repeat offenses.  With regard to either goal, I believe it is
most effective.

My own feeling is that a similar sort of combination should be used in
the case of spammers, i.e. they should be punished by being banned entirely
from the net for a period of from 2 to 10 years, depending upon the severity
of the offense.

>Just an opinion after the 34th copy of this ARE YOU BEING INVESTIGATED spam
>has hit my box.

Yes.  In that guy's case, I would make an exception and cut off his nuts
(if he has any).  I have gotten a bunch of his crap too.

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