FBI calls for mandatory key escrow

Mark Kaepplein Mark_Kaepplein at BayNetworks.COM
Thu Sep 4 14:50:20 UTC 1997

Politicians themselves proved there is no need for backdoors.
Cryptography information is published in cleartext, yet is still
not understood by them. They have the legal language, and to keep
outsiders at bay, require a license to use it!

Encrypt pornography? Its too slow already to un-uuencode and un-jpeg
the stuff! Wider spread use of encryption would be good for Intel.
The 85% of PC users needing faster and faster computers just so games
run better can better justify the expense with needing fast decryption.

The FBI doesn't want porn files, they want the customer lists of those
doing business: pornographers, bookies, drug dealers, pimps. I wish
customer lists of the real scumbags, like Cyberpromo were available!

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