FBI calls for mandatory key escrow; Denning on export ctrls

Wayne Bouchard web at typo.org
Thu Sep 4 05:32:22 UTC 1997

> On Wed, 3 Sep 1997, Jordan Mendelson wrote:
> > Makes you just want to move to Mars and start all over doesn't it?
> The problem would soon reappear, as all the people that know anything about
> the technology want nothing to do with government.  I guess we get what 
> we deserve for allowing them to govern us eh?  :)

An appropriate extract from Douglas Adams (_The Restaurant at the End
of the Universe_):

 It is a well known fact that the people who must want to rule are, ipso
 facto, those least suited to do it... anyone who is capable of getting
 themselves elected President should on no account be allowed to do
 the job.

Substitute "President" with your favorite political office...

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