FBI calls for mandatory key escrow; Denning on export ctrls

Dannyman dannyman at dannyland.org
Wed Sep 3 23:49:49 UTC 1997

On Wed, Sep 03, 1997 at 07:34:25PM -0400, Charles Sprickman wrote:
> > MR. FREEH:
> > We work, as you know, particularly in the
> > pedophile cases, with on-line services who give us,
> For God's sake, what is the obsession with pedophiles??  How many
> pedophiles pgp encode their porn??

With the rest of porn, it's probably desireable to encourage encryption to
confuse the kiddies. :)

> What a sad state.
> I would have at least been amused by an original argument, but to pull out
> the pedophile trump-card...  Someone's desperate.

I wonder that they're so worried about it. This doesn't seem the case in
Europe .. it's like we  really gotta fight crime, as we have so much of it,
but we never think why we have all this crime, and if maybe we're not just
chasing ourselves in circles worrying over it. :/

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