Anyone Deployed Ascend's GRF IP Switch?

Jessica Yu jyy at
Tue Sep 2 16:35:42 UTC 1997

>>       Just curious, what is the size of the config file on your box?
>It is not very large 169 lines on rt3.ATL. The size of the the gated file
>should not slow down the router. On rt2.DCA (or MAE-East router) the
>config is 458 lines and it takes the same time to load. 

	Unless you have other data to support, the fact that a box takes
	almost the same amount of time to load a 458 line config as
	a 169 liner does not at all lead to your conclusion above.  
	Try to load a config file of size in MGs and see if it increases 
	the loading period.  

	(BTW, in case you wonder, there are providers who have such large 
	configuration files running on routers.) 


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