Problems with specific routing policies for each exchange point

Jake Khuon khuon at Merit.Net
Fri Oct 31 20:23:48 UTC 1997

### On Fri, 31 Oct 1997 10:55:55 -0700, Danny McPherson <danny at>
### wrote to "Kevin Oberman" <oberman at> concerning "Re: Problems with
### specific routing policies for each exchange point ":

DM> > I was not questioning the function, only the requirement. It seems
DM> > that if the problem exist between NAPNET and GENUITY, it might exist
DM> > elsewhere and changing to the specific ASes would be a simple fix.
DM> >
DM> > Are there cases where an AS macro would be really beneficial in the
DM> >|out) statements?
DM> Well, assuming you use as-macros as they were intended (to simply objects) .. 
DM> it shouldn't be a problem.  The code is obviously broken and Jake is fixing 
DM> it.  I assume that we could create another 2 macros listing every AS 
DM> individually, but then that'd be more changes that'd we'd have to make every 
DM> time we pick-up or drop an AS.

Well, the code wasn't really broken.  It was doing exactly what I wanted it
to do.  It was my thinking that was broken.  I had assumed that no one would
ever want to loopback their expansions.

DM> I've removed AS-NAPNET from the AS-GENUITY macro until the problem is 
DM> corrected..

The code has been fixed (many thanks to the author of rtpp, Tom Spindler,
for implimenting the changes).  You can re-insert the macro.

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