Spam Control Considered Harmful

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> Subject: Re: Spam Control Considered Harmful
> Yes, that is precisely what we do.  However, what I pointed out was that
> if the ISP they dial into blocked all traffic to port 25 elsewhere, as
> was suggested, then they wouldn't be able to get to their virtual host 
> residing here to send out mail.

One easy way around this problem is to forge closer relationships with
the ISPs your customers use for connectivity.  One of the easiest ways I
can think of doing this would be to become a member of a roaming service
like iPass and through that become a virtual ISP where you effectively
purchase connectivity time from dial-up providers and resell it to your
users.  Then since you're providing the authentication of your users you
can also provide in their profile a list of SMTP relay hosts that they
should be permitted to connect to.  Your users would then be free to
choose to dial into any iPass dial-up provider anywhere in the world at
any time without even needing an account opened with the particular
dial-up provider they happen to be able to get through to today.

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