Spam Control Considered Harmful

John A. Tamplin jat at
Fri Oct 31 15:29:11 UTC 1997

On Fri, 31 Oct 1997, Greg A. Woods wrote:

> If a customer is paying you for virtual domain service then you'll: a)
> probably have a much more substantial relationship with the customer
> than you would with an ordinary dial-up user, and thus much stronger
> contractual arrangements to ensure they abide by your AUP; and b) be
> telling those special customers to use a special outgoing mail relay
> that properly masquerades as the virtual host, i.e. not your generic
> outgoing mail relay used by your average ordinary dial-up users.

Yes, that is precisely what we do.  However, what I pointed out was that
if the ISP they dial into blocked all traffic to port 25 elsewhere, as
was suggested, then they wouldn't be able to get to their virtual host 
residing here to send out mail.

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