Spam Control Considered Harmful

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[ On Thu, October 30, 1997 at 13:42:46 (-0600), John A. Tamplin wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Spam Control Considered Harmful
> Ok, a customer is paying for a virtual domain service.  They want their
> outgoing mail to appear as if they are running their own mail server, they
> don't want people to know they are using someone else for it.  If they use
> their other ISP for SMTP relay, that shows up in the outgoing mail.  I 
> agree this is a minor issue for me, but it is not for some of our 
> customers and since the customer is paying the bill, he gets what he wants.

If a customer is paying you for virtual domain service then you'll: a)
probably have a much more substantial relationship with the customer
than you would with an ordinary dial-up user, and thus much stronger
contractual arrangements to ensure they abide by your AUP; and b) be
telling those special customers to use a special outgoing mail relay
that properly masquerades as the virtual host, i.e. not your generic
outgoing mail relay used by your average ordinary dial-up users.

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