Spam Control Considered Harmful

Brian W. Pendleton brian at
Thu Oct 30 17:20:04 UTC 1997

I agree that spam is a problem but one that the industry can regulate on its
own.  We do not need state or federal legislation to control spam.  If
companies are really worried about it then lets get together and come up
with a common solution.  A solution that is as fair to the ISPs that only
have 100 subscribers up to the UUNets and AOLs of the internet.  I'll get
off my soapbox now.

Brian Pendleton
CAIS Internet
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Date: Thursday, October 30, 1997 11:37 AM
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>I agree with an earlier post to spend more time pushing through with the
>proposed legislation to fight spam. I think it's great we are having this
>discussion on means to stop and/or control spam. I am only hoping our zeal
>to stop spam and punish spammers will not create chaos and make the Net
>less usable for the common folks whose use of the Internet is what is
>making the Net thrive and keeping us all in business.
>Turnando Fuad

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