Spam Control Considered Harmful

Jay R. Ashworth jra at
Thu Oct 30 15:02:49 UTC 1997

On Thu, Oct 30, 1997 at 12:14:54AM -0500, Greg A. Woods wrote:
> > This frequently occurs when a user accesses a mail server at work
> > from their home dialup account.  If other ISPs did this, we would have a
> > problem where a user dialing into their ISP couldn't reach their virtual
> > mail server, hosted on our network.  We currently don't have many going
> > the other way, but that may change.
> There's no excuse for this.  The user should (and must in the proposed
> plan) use the mail relay operated by the ISP they dial into for *all*
> outgoing mail.

Yes, there is.  It's a question of span of administrative control.

If I decided to allow my users to make use of their telecommunting
connectivity for personal use, I _do not want them_ using my mail
server for that, so as to avoid any potential liability for my company
under any theory.  Sure, use the great high bandwidth connection, but
get your mail and news services from a commercial provider.

But then, you're probably the type that thinks an A record isn't enough
to route mail, too...

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