NAP Architecture

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Thu Oct 30 14:08:14 UTC 1997

Why aren't one-off costs enough? There is *no* re-occuring costs with a
cable hanging on the ceiling.

Point taken on 'what the market will bear', but thats not the discussion

> Nope. Its not free.  And simple one off costs are not enough.  The
> recuring costs are there and anyone who does not pass them on is 
> to be taken advantage of and abused.  Of course if you can charge 
> what the market will bear, then your stock price will rise as you can
> pay out those phat dividends.  Customer complaints simply show that
> they are paying (attention/the usual and customary fees). If they were
> -really- pissed (drunk/upset) they'd vote w/ their pocketbook and
> find other accomodations elsewhere.
> -- 
> --bill

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