Spam Control Considered Harmful

Joe Provo - Network Architect jprovo at
Thu Oct 30 14:10:22 UTC 1997

> compared to (my experience of) the problem. We get spam, so do our customers,
> but it's a couple of messages, each of ~500 bytes. Even on modems connections

Because you happen to not be getting very much is no reason to believe
that everyone is so lucky.  Anyone who has been around for any length of
time, posts or has posted to newsgroups, is the contact for any number
of domains/ASNs/netblocks, or even hosts any number of domains gets

Often times, they work from old archives of Usenet as well. I've received
garbage forwarded from old addresses I haven't used since '92 or '93.

It is unrealistic to believe that one's expereince is sufficeintly
representative to be able to generalize and define the scope of the
whole problem.

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