NAP Architecture

Alex Rubenstein alex at
Thu Oct 30 13:55:04 UTC 1997

Wait - it's free to be in the PAIX? MAE-East? West? CIX? I thought they
charged you money to be there. Maybe I am wrong.

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Bill Manning wrote:

> > 
> > While there is no vaild reason for a monthly reoccuring on a cross
> > connect. Unless, there is a tech going out and dusting the cross-connect
> > every month? Any carrier who charges monthly chrages on a wire hanging in
> > D-Ring, while collecting money for the cross connected parties to even be
> > in the same building, is not very nice.
> > 
> > A one time fee ($250 to $1,000) if they are doing the labor is much
> > sensible.
> And of course the D-Ring is free, the wall/ceiling where it hangs is free,
> the utilities needed so you can see what is hanging in that D-Ring, the 
> insurance to cover the landlords butt when you fall off the ladder, the 
> water & plumbing so's you can wash out your soiled undies and rinse off
> the spurting blood from the arterial puncture from that fall... all free.

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