SPAM, IEMMC, and Caller ID

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Thu Oct 30 05:28:33 UTC 1997

[ On Wed, October 29, 1997 at 20:08:53 (-0500), Steve Sobol wrote: ]
> Subject: SPAM, IEMMC, and Caller ID
> Will it help reduce spam? Absolutely not. People will find ways to "block"
> the "caller ID", and not everyone uses sendmail as a mail server anyhow.

Oh, but it will, just so long as the system ensures that the "blocked
caller ID" is clearly identified as such.  Here in Bell Canada territory
such calls arrive with "private" names and/or numbers so I just don't
answer them.  This technique, in combination with some system of
recording the names/numbers of known telemarketers who don't block their
caller ID and I don't ever have to answer one of their calls.  The only
problem was with the recent political campaigns where the parties had
volunteers call from their own homes to canvas for votes.

Indeed if it weren't for third-party relay spam I wouldn't receive any
at all as I currently block all mail where I cannot verify the sender
through the DNS and I filter all connections from known spammers.

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