SPAM, IEMMC, and Caller ID

Phil Lawlor phil at
Thu Oct 30 03:03:08 UTC 1997

I apologize in advance to the members of this list for answering this flame
bait.  I will refrain from doing this as much as possible.

At 06:17 PM 10/29/97 -0800, Brian Moore wrote:
>AGIS has a lot of sins in the past, and despite Mr Lawlor's posts here, I
>they still have a long way to go before they can be considered a productive
>member of the Internet. 

AGIS is a VERY productive member of the Internet today, and has been since
before the NSF solicited a competive Internet backbone.

>Mr Lawlor's insistence on a technical solution to a people-problem is typical
>of the same old sidestepping he's been doing for months.

I've never sidestepped the issue.  AGIS does not like spam.  It never did
and it never will.  We are seeking to solve the problem.  The technical
problem *is* that spamming is done all too easily.  I am afraid that
Congress could pass more unenforcable legislation, which would waste US
taxpayers money.  As long as people can make money off of spam, they will.
If you can't clean up the spammer, than you have to start putting other
measures in place.

>I can positively identify spam coming from Sanford Wallace.  Weee.  So what
>does that do for stopping spam? 

Then you can refuse it.  You can take responsibility for yourself.  You no
longer need to send out all those complaints, burdening the system even
greater.  You have made my point for me.  Thank you.

>What Mr Lawlor is arguing is that we should all have "white list mail"
where we
>list the people whom we accept mail from and discard anything else.  And that
>we should verify the identity of the sender against that white list.

First of all, I am not arguing.  Secondly, do not put words in my mouth.
Thirdly, sendmail already has the capability to do just what you are
talking about.  I am mainly concerned with forgery and hijacking.

>That is the world that he lives in, where the mail to anyone at AGIS is most
>likely discarded and complaints left unheard.  It is NOT the sort of world I
>want to live in.

Absolutely a patented lie.  I can prove it by sending you back the
hundreds, if not thousands of complaints you have sent to my email address
alone, never mind all the other email addresses at AGIS you have been
abusing by sending to anyone at AGIS other than abuse at

This mailing list is for network operators.  We are discussing operational
issues, not political ones.

>It's a new wrapper on the same old AGIS song and dance and I'm not impressed.

I'm *really* sorry I didn't impress you.  Go back to your newsgroup.

Again, to the rest of the list, I apologize, and I will try to refrain from
engaging in this type of behavior on this list.

Phil Lawlor
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