NAP Architecture

Mike Leber mleber at
Thu Oct 30 01:41:44 UTC 1997

On Wed, 29 Oct 1997, Alec H. Peterson wrote:
> The PAIX is doing something very similar to this.  The prices for
> interconnects between cages are very reasonable.

You are mistaken.  In their original white paper (I still have it
somewhere) they proposed no cost cross connects between ISPs, but once
they were setup the business manager for PAIX set the fee at $1000 per
cross connect between ISPs after he calculated how much money he could
make by doing so.  The thinking probably was "MFS does it, why not us?".

This was annoying because it destroyed one of the original features of the
NAP.  However, you can't argue with a NAP facility that is completely sold
out (like PAIX).

Cross connects (fiber or copper) to carriers at PAIX are a much more
reasonable $75/month rate.


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