Tracking SPAM (Re: Spam Control Considered Harmful)

J.D. Falk jdfalk at
Wed Oct 29 23:41:19 UTC 1997

On Oct 29, Phil Lawlor <phil at> wrote: 

> AGIS is kicking this, along with other ideas around.  We spent a great deal
> of resources on the IEMMC thing, and that didn't work out well.  Thought
> I'd toss the caller ID idea out to get feedback from this list.

	I have to applaud you for this -- lots of folks didn't think
	the IEMMC thing would work (for exactly the same reasons that
	it failed, interestingly enough), but unfortunately there was 
	no open channel of communication with y'all at that time.

	If there's interest, I'd be happy to start up a mailing list
	for backbone types to discuss this stuff, since there's likely
	to be some debate as to whether it's on-topic for this list.

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