NAP Architecture

Jay R. Ashworth jra at
Wed Oct 29 19:46:08 UTC 1997

On Wed, Oct 29, 1997 at 09:30:59AM -0800, Ben Kirkpatrick, ELI wrote:
> Yes, by competition.  A smaller telco should offer a better rate at nearby
> sites.  However, then you loose whatever you invested in getting a rack at
> each NAP.

Well, yeah; but I think the question was: how do they justify that
price?  Anything _more_ useful than "what the amrket will bear"?

> --Ben Kirkpatrick
> "Consciousness: that annoying time between naps."

This wasn't an _intentional_ pun, right? :-)

> PS: Probable ELI OC192 cut 25miles south of Seattle (again).  Who's laying
> new fiber on the I-5 corridor and running us over?


Wow.  Even _I_ don't make mistakes that big...

-- jra
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