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> This *is* becoming more popular; in the US, the main problem is that
> many
> (most?) of the exchange points are operated by telcos, who are
> tariffed.
> This means that any connection between separate entities is a
> "circuit"
> that they must charge a certain minimum amount for.  As more telcos
> manage
> to move their exchange point operations into the non-regulated portion
> of
> their respected businesses, this may change, and exchanges are
> currently
> being built by non-telco entities, which are allowed to have more
> reasonable charges to connect cages in the same facility together.
> (Disclaimer: in my other life, I work for one such facility... the
> PAIX in
> Palo Alto)

	I defy anyone to show me a "tariff" for interconnects at a NAP.

	There is no such thing. 'cos, as y'all know, if it was tariffed,
there wouldn't be any 'special' deals. 

	The phrase is "Highway robbery". The problem is they don't even
have the class to let you see the gun.

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